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Summer Fellows Program FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility and Selection

Who is eligible for the program?

First-generation, low-income students who matriculated as first-year students in 2022 and who will have completed three quarters at Stanford by summer quarter 2023 are eligible to apply. Transfer students who started at Stanford in Fall of 2022 are also eligible. Students must be enrolled at the time of application (Spring 2023) to be considered. 

For additional questions about eligibility, contact the program at

Who would benefit best from participating in this program? 
This program is intended to help students gain exposure to  mentored research and workplace experiences. We especially welcome students who may not have participated in these opportunities in the past.

This program is not intended for students with significant research and/or internship experiences. It is also not intended for students who are looking for a placement with a specific research project or with a specific company.

What if I am a first-generation college student, but not low-income, or vice versa?
The program prioritizes students with very low parental financial contributions, who are also first generation college students. 

Do I need to share my financial aid status and information?
You must agree to allow the Financial Aid Office to share your high level information when you apply for the program. However, the Financial Aid Office will provide only broad information about applicant eligibility, without disclosing individual financial details.

How does participating in this program affect my financial aid?
As a summer program, your financial aid eligibility during the academic year will not be affected.  Participation in this program will not count as a quarter of enrollment for financial aid eligibility.

Financial Support

Is the financial support taxable?
Stanford does not provide advice on taxes. However, financial support beyond tuition and qualified educational expenses (e.g. required books and supplies) is taxable. Refer to IRS Publication 970. Stanford will include this support in a Form 1098T, which is provided to you annually.

Is the internship or research component considered employment?
No, these are both mentored experiential learning opportunities that focus on your education rather than work that the organization would otherwise pay someone to complete.

Is there support to purchase clothing for an internship if needed?
There may be, through the Opportunity Fund.

Experiential Learning

Where will the internships be located? How will I get there?
All internships have an in-person component in which students are expected to take part. All internships will be either bikeable from campus, or accessible via public transportation. Students that have an internship that requires them to travel via public transit will receive financial support from our program to pay public transportation costs.

Program Commitment and Other Activities

What are the main elements of the program?
Students engage in four key components over this 8-week fully funded program:

  • A Stanford course (up to 5 units)
  • A part-time 4-week micro-internship
  • A part-time 4-week research project
  • A community and wellness component (two evenings a week)

Do I have to participate in all elements of the program?
Yes, we expect all participants to be fully committed to the program and to participate in their classwork, experiential learning, and programming activities.

May I also work another job, participate in a club, travel, etc. during the program?
While there are some programs at Stanford that allow for part-time participation, the Stanford Summer Fellows Program is designed for students who can commit to all of the elements and will not have any competing commitments. We expect all participants to be fully committed to the program and to participate in all activities, which we anticipate will consume 40-45 hours per week. Much of your schedule may not be flexible. Before submitting your application, student-athletes that have applied to receive summer aid through DAPER and/or have athletically-related summer commitments are encouraged to consult with Meredith Basil.

Can I participate remotely in some or all of the activities?
This program is an in-person residential program, meant to expose students to an array of experiences in one summer, as well as to create a community of peers who will live and learn together. While some of the internships may be hybrid, all will have an in-person component; none will be fully virtual. Moreover, students will be expected to engage in residentially-based programming that may take place in the evenings and/or on weekends. To be part of this program, students must participate in all elements, and be in-person, on campus.

Can I participate in Sophomore College or an Overseas Seminar in addition to SSFP?
The Stanford Summer Fellows Program will take place: June 24 - August 20. Students can participate in any programs that do not occur during this timeframe.

Class Enrollment

Can I enroll in more than one class, so long as the total number of units is 5 or fewer?
No. Students can only enroll in one course, of up to 5 units.

Housing and Dining

Do program participants live together?
Yes, Stanford Summer Fellows will live together as a community in one of the residences designated for Stanford Summer Session. On-campus summer housing and dining costs will be paid for by SSFP.

If you will need to live in a different campus residence due to your OAE-approved housing accommodation or eligibility to live in Grad Housing (family, couples, 25+ years), we will provide you with card-key access to the SSFP residence for the summer so that you can attend programs and events.

Can I choose to live off campus?

No, the Stanford Summer Fellows Program is a residential program. As such, all participants are required to live on campus, as described above. If you have questions about the residential requirement, please contact the program staff.

What if I need housing on campus after SSFP ends (between the end of Summer Session and the beginning of Fall Quarter)?
Program participants are expected to sign up for the 8-week summer housing contract. However, if you know you will need to stay on campus a little longer after the program concludes on August 20th, you may sign up for the 10-week summer housing contract and SSFP will pay the additional cost.

Please note: SSFP cannot pay for the cost of “Summer-Autumn Interim Housing”, which covers the time from the end of the 10-week summer contract to the start of Fall Quarter. If you will need to stay on campus during this interim period, you will need to manage this expense yourself. To request interim housing, sign up for both the 10-week summer housing contract (paid for by SSFP) as well as Summer-Autumn Interim Housing.